Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing by Perry Belcher

Perry BelcherPerry Belcher is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and is known as a marketing consultant. He shared some ideas behind his Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing model.

Marketing is known to be one controversial phase in every business. On the other hand, the phase of this business is known to be an indirect profit, so much more like media relations and human resources. But these times when it is known to be an admitted cost, a company that has no section for marketing is the one expected to fail before it reaches its anniversary.

Although direct selling is a very vital and important endeavor, we all know that marketing is needed for every company who has revenue that is relying on the widespread interest like the consumables. In helping these companies to avoid these common mistakes, Perry Belcher, a marketing consultant shared his Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing.

A lot of people already know the traditional sins which are connected to the Christian religion. As seen on his Facebook page, Perry Belcher briefly applied every sin in the marketing field. On the listed sins, it is only fair if someone will say that sloth is the one that can be referred to be one of the most common problems for all of the departments in marketing. This is due to the fact that a lot of managers in marketing want almost all of the corporate partnerships or social media hits. However, they take efficiency in a sinful level in doing little things in order to establish these benchmarks.

Perry BelcherThe other catch all sin which can be referred to as deadly is of course, greed. It has manifested the field of marketing through a marketing manager who wants something just to have it but has no other purpose other than that. A great ad shoot may be beneficial and could be a worthwhile investment, only if the management has carefully analyzed return of investment and identified its efficiency. Similar thing can be said for a particular marketing firm in an ad contest. The thought to win is really great, but whether this would return a profit which must be examined in the first place. Continuing to these chances for their very own sake is simply described to be as greed.

As seen on his Facebook page, Perry Belcher really understands the easy, yet complex nature of the marketing strategy of a company.